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Bye Bye Birdie

Apologies for this post being a day late (and for no post last week… I was sick and spent the day sleeping!) but you’re about to read why!

For the last few months the combined forces of Muskingum’s music and theater departments have been rehearsing for Bye Bye Birdie, a musical comedy that will open tomorrow night!

The show follows Albert (John Webb), manager for the wildly popular singer Conrad Birdie (Nic Alsesandrini), and his secretary Rosie (Mallory Fischer). Conrad has just been drafted into the army, and Rosie and Albert are trying to give Conrad one last hit song before he goes off to war. As a result, they travel to Sweet Apple, Ohio, where Kim MacAffee (Claudia Coffey), a fifteen-year-old mega-Birdie fan, has been chosen to receive Conrad Birdie’s “One Last Kiss.” Naturally, this causes a great stir in the tiny town and feathers are ruffled; Kim’s ‘steady’ Hugo Peabody (Adam Livingston) is not at all happy about the upcoming kiss, nor are Kim’s father (Tony Palmer) and mother (Stacy Russell). Hilarity ensues 😀

The show is filled with fun song and dance numbers and crazy characters. I play Kim’s best friend, Ursula Merkle (what a name, right?!) who is completely obsessed with Conrad Birdie. It should be a blast for all ages, so come out and see it! Shows are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 pm in Caldwell Theater, and 2 pm on Sunday. Tickets are $5 or free with a Muskie ID.



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