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Home away from Home

Almost all schools say that when first start college you should said ATLEAST the first two weeks if not more. I took that advice to heart freshmen year and hardly left campus. In fact I spent both Fall break and Easter break at the school. It is easy to get caught up in the events on campus if you start to get involved. Generally I would say that staying on campus so much has made my college experience better, but as a junior I have realized sometimes you have to get off campus. You can definitely make Muskingum University your home away from home, but it is still a place ridden with homework and sometimes you need to take a day away.  I would recommend that you go home! This Saturday I took the day away from Muskingum to drive to Dayton and spend the day with my girlfriend. It was only 24 hours but it was the break I needed. Before Saturday I was counting down the days left of school, thinking that it was going to slow, but now that got off campus for a day I am thinking that it is going too fast.

There are definitely some weekends you will want to stay on campus though. For example, next weekend or as it is known on campus as MUSKIEPLOOZA ! Muskieplooza, is a carnival type celebration of the year that is for the entire weekend.  Every other year there is a BIG CONCERT with a big named artist coming to campus to perform. Last year it was Machine Gun Kelley and the time before that was Mike Posner. I have even heard that Flogging Mollies once came to Muskieplooza and although I did not see it I heard it was AMAZING. Everyone gets a vote on what type of genre and what artist comes to perform. Did I mention that all of this is free for students?  A FREE CARNIVAL and/or FREE CONCERT? That is a hard thing to pass up! Everyone gets two free tickets to the concert, which means to can bring a friend from outside of Muskingum FOR FREE! Personally I like to volunteer to help set up things for Muskieplooza for main reason of getting a free t-shirt. No matter how you spend Muskieplooza though, you will be glad you stayed on campus!

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