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MuskiePlooza: The Juggling Experience

Welcome to the last week of classes, that frankly I am not completely ready for! Finals can be a stressful time if you have lots of tests and projects to complete. Especially if you have been juggling a lot in your schedule this semester! Fortunately, like I mentioned on my last blog, this past weekend was MUSKIEPLOOZA!  This weekend was a great time to relax and to enjoy some free events. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the Friday events but I heard there was a lot fun! Saturday was the day I went to the carnival in the Rec which had bubble soccer, an obstacle machine called the “THE MELTDOWN” and a man who juggled! There were free henna tattoos, free funnel fries, free caramel apples and a free T-shirt (I’m a sucker for a free t-shirt!) too.

The “MELTDOWN” and bubble soccer were by far the most popular attractions that day. To clarify bubble soccer is when each player is in their own bubble, bumping into each other while playing soccer. The “MELTDOWN” was an inflatable platform where mechanical arms would try and either make you duck or jump. Lots of friends tried to convince me to play soccer and even more wanted to see me get hit in the “MELTDOWN”, but I decided not to. What really caught my eye was the juggling man teaching people how to juggle. I have never juggled before and I thought I better start now! So my friends soon left me to play on other things themselves while I attempted to juggle. I probably tried juggling 3 hours that day. Sadly, I don’t think I ever improved very much, but it is sooooo addicting!!! In fact I went and bought my own tennis balls later to keep trying. I then spent the late hours of the night hanging out with my friend Claudia while she was on RA duty. I’ll admit we tried juggling then too.

Sunday I closed out the weekend by having the entire west hill having a “field day” with free food and performing in a Men’s Chorus concert. Not a bad end to MuskiePlooza weekend and that is just my story. I know a lot of friends that told me how they spent MuskiePlooza weekend differently.  The great thing about this weekend though is almost everyone has fun their own way, right before it comes down to finals. This weekend was a blast and although I learned how to kind of juggle, I will still have a lot to juggle school wise in this upcoming week!

Until next time!



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