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Summer is coming fast, but the memories will never fade

So if you have noticed in the last couple blogs, I have been counting down for the end of the school. Although I still know the days left, 6 days to be exact, I am not as anxious for the end as I was before. This year as by far the most busy and hardest year of my life and although I am excited for hopefully a more relaxing year next year there is a lot of people  I can thank for helping me get through this year. This realization happened when I realized how many of my friends are graduating in JUST 6 DAYS! 12 of my brothers (Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia) will be graduating and many fellow RAs are too. So I thought I would end the “blog season” (school year) with not something sad about them leaving but the memories they will leave me and the community with.

First off with my fraternity has this weird pheromone where two brothers randomly bumping into each other and soon brother after brother will flock to the two, forming a big group on the quad. My friend and brother Stephen referred it to me that we are all “stupid sheep”. Regardless of what you call it, those random herds of “stupid sheep” made a jam packed day of classes a lot more enjoyable. Another one of the great things that I will remember a lot of my fraternity will be the weekly musical rehearsal and trying to blend into all of their voices. Even if those rehearsals sometimes lasted for the LONGEST TIME (one of the songs!). I will always cherish the nights of endless puns, but I think we all need a summer break from those!

So being a new RA this year, I thought I would dread sitting at a desk for 6 hours to deal with any violations that would come up. I thought at least I would be able to get all my homework done. I was TOTALLY WRONG about both of those assumptions! Instead I created a lot of great memories this year from being on duty. Long nights of playing the card game euchre or just talking with my fellow RAs, who always seemed to show up with or offer to get a polar pop. I found myself even when I wasn’t on duty, getting stuck done at the lobby desk for hours talking to the RA in duty.  In fact as I write this blog, the only people that are in the lobby are 4 RAs right now. The memories of these long nights will be a great thing to look over this summer when I am actually getting quality sleep!

So I am still looking forward to 6 days for a must needed break but I will always have great memories from this year. I hope you all have a great summer and I’ll see you next year!

Until next time,

Connor Hann


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