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Muskies at the Zoo

Welcome back to school and Muskie Monday blogs by yours truly!  When it comes to college, sometimes summer can be a struggle to get use to again. Yes no more class schedules, but no more friends down the hall, no option of unlimited food from the dining hall and no way to continue to update your wardrobe with free t-shirts. If your summer was like mine, you also had to get used to a new work schedule but if it was like mine, you had the best summer job I have ever had. I worked at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo through the Conservation Education department as an Interpreter. Oddly enough that does not mean I interpreted any languages, human or animal, but rather did informal education with anyone of any age or culture. All they had to do was give me a chance to say anything about an animal, like sea lion, and I would tell them ALL about it.  Thanks to the University’s Admission team who gave me those skills to talk to new people every day. Did I mention I helped fed giraffes too? Or that I got to be around beautiful Australian parrots called lorikeets? Or that I learned the basics of playing the didgeridoo (Australian instrument)? Don’t worry I’ll include pictures.

Needless to say it was very difficult to say goodbye to my co-workers and the animals I had grown attached to.  To be honest I was so wrapped up in the job, I didn’t think about school very much. That being said I learned a very important thing about my school; no matter where you are when you meet someone who was/is a Muskie both of you stop what you are doing and talk about memories of Muskingum. I ran into two Muskie alums at the zoo, one a mother of three, still sporting a Muskingum College cheerleading shirt and one guest service manager who noticed my water bottle saying “ No way, you go to Muskingum?!” Both from the “Muskingum COLLEGE” days I caught them up on updates and they told me of fond memories, always ending with I should go visit soon. I had always heard of how people randomly running into alums who gave them the “Muskie Hi”, but to experience it myself was wonderful.

Bottom line Muskingum never leaves you, not for the summer and not even beyond graduation.

Until next time,


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