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The Year of Nostalgia Begins!

As I graduate this May, I realize that everything I do this year will be bring back memories of the last four years. So nonetheless I have been having a lot of feelings just walking around campus, I’ll admit to that. The term that describes this senior year experience is nostalgia. A quick google search of nostalgia will tell you that it means “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations”. Thus I will reference this year as the year of nostalgia from now on.  A lot of my nostalgic moments have been about the clubs I have been involved in. Being so involved on campus the last three years also means that as the year goes by lots of events will be the last time I attend them. One of the first events I check off the list is the Involvement Fair!

The Involvement Fair, known in my freshmen year as Activity Fair, was the beginning of my great Muskie experience. Involvement Fair is where clubs set up tables while freshmen wander the tables, approaching tables that catch their interest. It’s exciting and intimidating as a freshman! I remembered mine as I saw freshmen bounce from table to table. My freshmen year I joined like 8 clubs from the Involvement Fair. When in doubt, I signed up for more information, and occasionally for the free stuff that was offered. Freshmen year flew by with the clubs that had caught my attention and then next year came helping run club tables! That can be intimidating too! Lots of work put in and now I had to help to provide free stuff! It was totally worth it though to give freshman the experience that I had.

Attending Involvement Fair my senior year was a totally different experience then every other year. I didn’t really sign up for any new clubs, I didn’t really have to run a table, and  I didn’t exploit the free stuff having three years of stuff already, but I did have one thing! You guessed it, NOSTALGIA! I walked past the Admission table, the same one I signed up to begin my tour guide career.  I walked past the Equality Alliance table, which taught me through the years how important acceptance and support can be. I walked past the Circle K International club, which gave me opportunities to keep my passion to volunteer alive! I walked past many, many others that gave me all sorts of nostalgia.

As Involvement Fair came to close I thought to myself, I would definitely do it all over again.

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