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Whose cool at Muskingum?

I gave an admission tour this last week and was posed with a really good question: Do you have to be involved in a certain thing to be “cool”? My natural reaction was a definite no, but the question really made me think about the Muskingum University community. Does only one thing make you “cool” in this community? More importantly if it was true, WAS I IN THE COOL GROUP?!   I have been a part of most types of groups on campus, did one of those make me “cool”? If so I couldn’t think of which one it was! There were two things this week that definitely told me that my original answer to the question was correct.

As part of my year of nostalgia, I became a first year seminar student mentor. The professor asked the room full of freshmen, “How it was going? What do you like? What do you dislike?” The first response was “I like how everyone here is so nice and welcoming”. As a senior, at first that seemed obvious to me, however I remembered how four years ago I felt the same way. I came into college not knowing what or who I would become, but I felt the support here that whoever that was going to be, I would be accepted. I didn’t have to be an athlete or a Greek or a nerd to fit in here. I could be whoever I wanted to be, and no one would tell me that wasn’t cool.

The other event that convinced me was over brinner Friday night. An organization called CRU put on breakfast during dinner time, hence brinner! All were welcomed but it was the conversation I had with a fellow Muskie that really helped me. We spoke, as we ate our pancakes, about how easy it is to get involved in everything here.  As a sophomore she talked about how she was really going to get involved with even more organizations and I shared my memories of years past. As we ended our conversation and pancakes, we both agreed that if you say you are bored here, YOU are doing something wrong. We have like 90 organizations on campus and all of their events are normally free!

You definitely don’t have to be in some specific organization or sport at Muskingum University to be “cool” but you definitely should get involved into something.  Whatever that may be is “cool” with us! If I could go back in time I would have definitely had said that to prospective Muskie!

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