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Strong Muskie Community

The tragic death of a Muskingum student this past week has left a lot of students with a loss of words. In an article I read by our student media (Orbit Media) it stated that Bryce, a freshmen football player had passed from a car accident. Counselors and other professionals were available as a resource all week, and a school service happened within the week. This blog post is not meant to be informative on the situation, as I did not really know Bryce. Moreover I wanted to share how strong this community can be when something tragic happens.

When I came on one of my first tours visiting here, my tour guide mentioned how she had not had a class this one specific science professor I was asking about but that her boyfriend had. My dad’s response to that was “So you may not know everybody here but you at least always know of person through someone you do know.”  I think that can be very true for our student community here. Everyone affects everyone here, whether indirectly or directly. Last week I was explaining to a prospective student on a tour about how that doesn’t mean there is lots of gossip, but rather acceptance. This acceptance and support is definitely felt during hard times like now. Everyone shows their support in their own way. Kind words are said amongst friends and acquaintances or even through comments of support by faculty to students. I even saw many alumni showing their support to the community through Facebook statuses sending thoughts and prayers. Muskie support is definitely something that you can always know is here whenever you need it.

I hope that every Muskie feels all the support that they need this week, and that they know that this community is strong. As our community heals this week please keep us in your thoughts!

Until Next Week,



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