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First Post!

When you first enter College, you don’t know what to expect. You’re unsure of how to make new friends and you’re unsure of what clubs you want to join. People handle the first week of college differently; for some it’s a nightmare, you have to go out of your way to find people to be with so you aren’t alone, and for others, it’s entirely natural. So if you’re nervous and introverted like I was (am), remember this: majority of the freshman in the beginning of the year don’t know anybody else. You all reluctantly have to go to dinner with your roommate you barely know because you don’t want to be alone, and you have to hang out with people that might be complete opposites from your friends at home. But that’s alright, many times you’ll find friends and people that are more like you. It can be a slow grueling process but you will find friends. Something else that is very important is you do not have to be besties with your roommate, so don’t try too hard. Maybe next year you can find a good friend to room with, but realize that now its alright if you aren’t attached at the hip. Now here’s to the people like me, you stay inside your room all day after classes just hanging out, wondering why you don’t have any people to hang out with. Well you beautiful nerd, it’s because you’re in your room. You have to get out and actively search for these friends you so desperately wish for. So, I know everybody says it, but join a club or a Greek organization. There are ample amounts of clubs on campus to join with activities like community service to just hanging out and playing board games. As I am not involved in Greek life I don’t know much about it, however many of my friends are and all of them love it very much! You are not obligated to go Greek, so if like me you choose not to, still join clubs or else you’ll have a harder time making friends. If you do decided to join a fraternity or sorority, enjoy it to the fullest.

Carpe Diem, Carleigh


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