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So this past weekend I took a trip to the Guersney County Dog Warden in Cambridge with the Circle K International Club(no not the gas station). Circle K International is essentially a community group that participates in not only campus volunteer work, but community work in general. Anyway, Circle K takes multiple trips throughout the school year to the Cambridge dog shelter and when I heard “puppies” I bee-lined to the sign up sheet. I am an animal lover and I could think of no better way to spend my Saturday than playing with dogs.

I was not disappointed. The dogs were absolutely adorable and lovable and I enjoyed almost every second of it. I say almost because, while I felt good about giving these dogs some loving attention, I knew it was only temporary. The sad truth is, the shelter is small, and contains a lot of dogs. I completely respect the people who work there because what they are doing is good, but you can’t help but feel sorry for the dogs. When I walked my first dog she was so happy to get out, but when it came time to bring her back, she knew she was going back to the loud building, into her small, lonely cage. She even tried getting away just so I wouldn’t take her back. I was heartbroken. An hour later, after everyone had been given a chance to go outside, I came back to her and took her out again. My fondest memory of that day is when I was just laying in the grass with her and she came up and cuddled up to me. In a way, I think she was thanking me.

So after a few hours, we left and I felt good about what I had done with my time. But I still think about them with a heavy heart. Every single dog I encountered that day was so lovable I just couldn’t imagine who would not want any of them. I, myself, want all of them! Especially the older ones! They don’t deserve to spend their last years behind bars. They all deserve a loving home, with a loving family. But, being an on-campus student, I can’t take any of them.

So now I will do all I can do. I’m going to ask you guys, the readers, for some help. If you or anyone you know is looking for a pet, please give these guys a chance. If not, please at least spread the word. The address for the shelter is 62824 Bennett Ave, Cambridge, OH 43725 and their number is (740) 432-2219. Let’s try to get these guys a home shall we?dogdog5dog4dog3dog2


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