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Piece of Cake

This week I had my first exams ever at Muskingum University. At my old university I used to get so nervous before exams because my professors never really gave us any type of clues to what material the exams were going to be over. Pretty much any thing we had learn in between each exam was fair game. But here a Muskingum University it was completely different. I knew exactly what I needed to study for each exam I had this week. My professors had given us questions that would be similar to the ones on the exam to practice with and/or power point slides with definitions and other information that was important to know when studying. I felt completely prepared for both of my exams because my professors had taken time out of their schedules to make these study guides for their students to use to prepare for their exams. To me this shows that professors here at Muskingum really do want their students to succeed in the classroom. That they will help you in any way that they can to insure that you perform well on your exams for their classes. So thanks to my professors at Muskingum University, a time that was usually very stressful and overwhelming for me was a piece of cake because I was able to study the right material and knew exactly what to expect for each exam. untitled


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