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These beings we call College Professors, explained!

Starting out as a freshmen in college, you will encounter a very unique aspect of college that you have never experienced before: College Professors. College professors are generally more professional then high school teachers but they also are not paying you like a boss would be. Professors have an expertise in their field, many having doctorates. This can mean double and triple checking your emails to make sure that they are appropriate and professional. It can also mean that visiting them in their office hours can  somewhat be intimidating… no matter how many times they insist you  come to them with lots of questions. Some expect you to come to class every day, giving you attendance points. Others, expect you to be in class but use guilty stares or comments, rather than points, as an incentive to come to class. They will expect you to do the reading in the books and know it, even if they don’t mention it in class. Some will try about anything they can to make sure you understand the material. Others choose to go old fashion with just chalk and a chalkboard. As you go through the years, you will learn which professors to take and which one not to. Something that you definitely learn here though, is that these mystic beings we call professors, are in fact normal people too! In most of the cases of our professors here, they are AWESOME people too!

After having taking couple of classes with a professor, you will learn that they get to know you pretty well! To the point that you tend to be the example “For example if Connor deleted this….”, or they call you out like “Connor! Don’t actually delete it!!!!”. In this case, my geographic information system with Dr. Van Horn, one of my favorite professors, is a great example of this situation. The best part of it? I can get him back!  Notice the cardinal direction symbol strategically placed on the top right corner, where he prefers the symbol, of his office door. Shouldn’t he be happy I’m applying what I learned in class to real life application? In fact, it didn’t take him long to realize who the culprit was but the map symbol remains on his door. If that seems odd to you, at a designated professional, wine tasting university event, I sipped on very nice wine while speaking about families with my freshmen year biology professor. I even took some of her wine recommendations and advice, while she grew jealous of the wine glass markers I won…and have mysteriously lost!

As I graduate in May, I know I won’t encounter another type of relationship like a college professor- college student but I know I will never forget the ones I had.

Until next week!




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