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Brewed Awakenings

Last Thursday, I had the amazing opportunity to participate at the open mic night held at Brewed Awakenings. So, what is Brewed Awakenings? Brewed is an event held by different organizations every Thursday at 9:00pm in Kelly Coffee House. There you can get coffee, hot chocolate, tea and apple cider, along with whatever food is supplied by the organization hosting that week. Sometimes it’s pizza, sometimes it’s donuts, and other times it can just be a simple food like candy or chips. Many students just go for the free food and drink (because what college student doesn’t love that). Besides food, each organization can hold their own activity or fun game when they’re running it. Sometimes that includes winning awesome prizes like baskets full of movies and t-shirts and sometimes the activity can be karaoke or an open mic night like last Thursday. If you’re still hesitant, or not completely sure if you want to go, let me give you one more reason. Brewed is a time to hang out with friends, you get to drink coffee and relax after a stressful week. You can lower your stress levels and have fun while maybe simultaneously energizing for that test you haven’t studied for tomorrow. Or maybe, you can do what I did and get out of your comfort zone. Perform that song you’ve been practicing in your room all the time, tell a joke you made up. When things like Brewed happen and they give you opportunities, don’t pass them up, I can guarantee that the anxiety is SO worth it.  So if you want some coffee, companionship and fun, or maybe an opportunity to show that hidden talent, come to the next Brewed Awakening, and I’ll see you there!

Carpe Diem,



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