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You Can Commute!

After transferring home this semester, I decided to commute to Muskingum University instead of living on campus like I had previously at my other school. So far it’s been a great experience. You get to come and go as you please. At my other university I didn’t have a car there and it was also almost a two hour drive from home, so often I felt like I was stuck in one place. But here at Muskingum the university really tries to make their commuters feel just as welcomed as the students who live on campus. The TOC has a great lounge where a lot of commuters go to do homework and just hang out. So it a great way to meet new friends. Muskingum also has different events as well to get commuter students involved within the university. And even when things aren’t going great as a commuter. For instance my second week at Muskingum my car decided to break down right in the middle of the parking lot, talking about embarrassing. But in the end it ended up being a great learning experience as a commuter. I learned that people at Muskingum are so willing to help you when you need it. Another fellow commuter called a towing company for me and campus police and two guys helped me push my car into a spot. But I would have to say the best part about commuting to Muskingum is not only do you get to go to a great school, but faculty as well fellow students are so willing to help and support you in anyway that you may need. Also get to go home where there is another great support system within your family. And not only are you getting two awesome support systems but you’re also saving a lot of money, and as a college student who doesn’t like to save their money. I know I do! Therefore, I would definitely encourage those students you live within the required distance to be able to commute to think very seriously about commuting. Not once since going here have I felt like an outsider, instead I honestly believe that commuting gives you the best of both worlds.


2 Responses

  1. What’s parking like? I haven’t checked the school out in person yet; but my understanding from alumni is that there is no student parking. Students have to park on the street?

    • Actually they have two different parking lots for commuter students. The main one is at the lower level where all of the staff parks and then there is the stag parking lot. Its a little bit farther away but totally with couple minutes of all classroom buildings. I’ve never not had a parking spot and there usually plenty of spots in the stag parking lot.

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