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Fall Break

Ahhh Fall Break, just in the knack of time for many Muskies who have been working hard studying for tests and  managing their time to fit their busy schedules.  While many of us go home to our families for fall break, I also chose to stay on campus. Whether it is the two hour car ride I don’t want to do, trying get ahead of schoolwork or hanging out with friends, I have never gone home.  I was lucky enough this break to actually have family come to me this weekend! Both my best friend Nick and my brother Derrick came to Muskingum this weekend.  Both not in colleges at the moment, it was an experience teaching them how our dining hall works. In return they taught me how to play a very fun videogame called Destiny Warrior. Of course we watched both OSU and the Browns win their games this weekend too while eating too much pizza or as my brother calls it “zaa”.

I think I needed this weekend just as much as Nick and Derrick needed it from work and other “adult” stuff.  Getting ready for Fall Break, some professors I was talking with even said how they look forward to Fall Break. One staff member said she was actually going on vacation this weekend! As you can imagine this Fall Break was very nostalgic. Nick and I had to get used to not saying “Oh we will definitely have to do that next Fall Break!” Although I am saying goodbye to my Fall Breaks, this last one will definitely be one I won’t forget anytime soon.  The best part was when my group went over to my fraternity house to watch the movie “O Brother, where art thou “with the brothers that had remained for Fall Break too. The night also included lots of singing of favorite songs, including the classic Disney ones, finding out that one of my fraternity brothers followed Derrick’s YouTube channel 9 years ago and lastly taking this AWESOME picture of Nick.  All in all, I think it was the best way to have my last Fall Break. Enjoy the awesome photo and have a great week!

Until Next time,

Nick's beardConnor


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