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“Stupid dog, you make me look bad!” is a phrase that is said almost every night by my roommate and I. What does that even mean you might ask? Well let me tell you, Cartoons, specifically Courage the Cowardly Dog. Most nights before bed, my roommate and I will watch an episode or two of Courage. Watching this childhood cartoon helps us wind down from a stressful day, and spend some quality time together. We can recite the entire title sequence together when it starts, and once the episode is over, we curl up in our respective beds and have a less stressful sleep then we would have had previously. So why are cartoons from our childhood so great? I would say the overall nostalgia is calming. You remember when you were younger without the stresses of the college world. Another reason is that when you watch, you pick up on things you didn’t as a kid. Some random joke that flew over your head when you were younger makes you crack up laughing now. Watching Courage the Cowardly Dog is something that we can do together, we have some nice quality roommate time, which is the best. One of us can walk back into the room after an awful day and just say “hey can we watch Courage”and that is really special to have. So, next time you have a stressful day, pull up Netflix and watch an episode of something you loved as a kid. It’ll make you remember your childhood and help you be a little less stressed about all those tests you might have. Just remember to study first and reward yourself with a TV show second. Priorities Man.

Carpe Diem,



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