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Game Night!

Hey kids! Who wants to play some board games?! No? Yeah, I thought the same when I was asked the same question by the game club. But one boredom-filled day I decided, why not? So that night, I arrived at the Bait Shop and joined Game club in a night filled with a wide variety of your not-so-common board games, card games, and the like. And when I say “not-so-common”, I mean I had never heard of any of these games before that night. Bonanza, The Great Dalmuti, Love Letter:Batman, and my personal favorite, Hex Hex, were all introduced to me, and, while some of them left me greatly confused, I was surprised at the amount of fun I had with these strange people, playing these strange games.

But it wasn’t just the funny games that left a good impression. It’s the people of the club that has brought me back every Tuesday night. See, the game club is part of what I like to call, “The Nerd Triad”, which is basically three campus clubs(Anime Club, Mindset, and Game Club) that appeal to the nerd community(AKA my people). So therefore, most of the same people are in all three clubs(all of which I have joined). It’s also within this triad that I have made some of my best college friends and, in my opinion, met the most interesting people on campus. And to be honest, I have to give credit to these people for making my college experience so far pretty amazing. With the stress that comes with freshman year and college life in general, it has definitely been one of my best decisions to join in some clubs where I can be myself and goof off.

So my advice to you, whether you’re planning on attending Muskingum or maybe if you’re already here, JOIN SOME CLUBS! At least one! It will make a major difference and introduce you to people who have the same interests as yourself. And if you are interested in the clubs I have just mentioned, here are the current meeting times and places:

Game Club: Bait Shop @6:30

Anime Club: Large Auditorium in Boyd Science Center @6

Mindset: Chess Center @7:30

*side note: Mindset is a club where we play table-top role playing games like pathfinder


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