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Environmental Science Majors: Who are they?

Shout out to Noelle, another student blogger, for inspiring me to do a blog post on why the Environmental Science major is the best. Finishing up my major this semester, choosing for my last semester this coming spring seems like it is missing something and here are 5 things I will miss about my major classes.

  • Having classes in every science department.

I am a biology track major, so I had more classes in the biology department but I have had a class in every physical science department. This gave me lots of knowledge in almost every aspect in physical sciences. This not only helps me in environmental science but opens a career option in a lot of fields that require the basics of a science, like chemistry for example.

  • Explaining that I am an environmental science major.

Being involved in so many different types of sciences, sometimes you have to explain that no, you are not a physics major, or chemistry or biology! Since the environmental science department does not have their own floor, people sometimes assume we are other majors.

  • Finding out someone else is an environmental science major

Which makes finding out people in your class are environmental science majors all that much more awesome!  Luckily, I have had a couple of friends in my grade that planned with me on what classes to take.  It seems like there are a lot more underclassmen becoming environmental science majors too!

  • Getting your workout in Boyd Science Center

To clarify Boyd Science Center is a four story building where each main department is on its own floor. So having classes in each department can mean having a biology class on the top floor to a physics class on the bottom floor to the chemistry floor on the third floor. Totally worth it though!

  • When people ask “What do you want to do afterwards?” …There are so many answers!!!

The environmental science field is growing and is so diverse! You could go into field research in the EPA or the Ohio Department of Natural Resource among a lot of other groups. You could go into environmental consulting for companies. Or if you are like me, you can plan on going to environmental education!

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