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Finding the perfect halloween costume is something that I always have a hard time with. Personally I like to go with something clever and or something super quick and easy to do. Throughout my years I have dressed up as an M&M, Prom Queen (Or something like that), A Witch, A Totem Pole, Peter Pan and A Red Hat lady, yes folks, A Red Hat Lady. So how do you find your perfect halloween costume? Step One, Google is your friend, if you have a very low budget (AKA College student) look for low budget costumes online. Some costumes are as easy as checking your closet and seeing what you have. If you have nothing that would work for a costume you want to do and you’re low budget, you should probably think up something else. Step Two, List and buy your supplies! Make a checklist of things you need for you costume. For example, lets talk about a cowboy costume, what do you need? Probably jeans, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, dress shirt, a vest.. and yeah thats pretty much it! Finally the last thing you need to do is put your costume together and there you have a Halloween costume. Sometimes even after all your planning, you are unable to put the costume together, and that is okay. Simply get a white sheet cut out some eye holes and you have the best halloween costume of all, floating eyes.

Carpe Diem,



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