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Professors are cool?

All throughout my previous school years, I had maybe one or two cool teachers that reminded me that teachers were actual people and not created for the sole purpose of burying me in school work. Most of the time though, you never really consider teachers as friends or people you’d want to hang out with outside of school. That would just be weird, right? So when you go to college, nothing should change….yeah-no. I am coming to you now with some shocking news. Muskingum professors……are actually cool! Please, calm yourself and listen. It is true. Turns out, professors are just like us! They watch The Walking Dead, have good music taste, and will spend all of free class time discussing the “logic” of anime with you. I’ve seen some students and professors so close to each other that they’ll talk like old high school pals who haven’t seen each other in ten years. They’re funny and weird too! You don’t understand how amusing it is to see a professor, whose professional knowledge determines your GPA, geek out if you so much as mention Game of Thrones.

Most importantly though, is that they’re humans beings. They know the first world problem struggles, they understand what it was like to be a student, and they hate the hills just as we all do. Which is why it is important to actually talk your professors. If something is wrong at home or you spent all night studying for another class and overslept, or even if you just need some guidance, professors are there for you. Even if you never face these problems, get to know them. It not only makes communicating with them easier, but it also creates a more comfortable environment for you and for them. If you understand what your professors do and do not like from students, then trust me, it saves you a lot of uncomfortable situations. And if your professor knows that you have sports practice on a weekend that you’re suppose to get a few assignments done, they might just help you out.

Okay, now that I’ve just blown your mind, I’ll let you go on to recover. But let me leave you with this one piece of advice. Get to know your professors. You might be surprised by who you’ll find under the doctorate or teaching degree. Now if you’ll excuse me I need decide on whether or not it’s weird to invite a professor to a slumber party….


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