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Homecoming and Preparing to leave “Home”

You know how they say “You never know how much you need something, until it is gone”?  This weekend was homecoming on campus and I had to give away the homecoming king crown. What was most difficult thing about giving the crown away? Reaching the top of Nick Flood’s head. It was a weird feeling, giving away the “kingdom” and honestly it hit me more that I was king moments before I gave it away than when I was actually crowned. The king is crowned on Friday in the beginning of Varsity Revue, but it wasn’t the end for me. I acted in my fraternities’ sketch during the show, while the rest of the guys sang one of our songs. It was enjoyable and definitely something new for the fraternity as our usual act graduated last spring. Needless to say I have had enough time in the spotlight!

This homecoming was definitely an exciting one too! Board of trustees also meets during homecoming weekend and I got to sit on the academic affairs meeting! I’ll admit normally the only thing I thought of board of trustees is that when they come out here, so do the  golf carts.  Sitting on the board meeting I learned they are much more than golf carts. In fact, they are very friendly people, who care a lot about how the programs affect the students. What made homecoming even more awesome is I got to go into the new library! That building is AMAZING!!!  And it is completely debt- free! This building has so much awesome technology. For example I connected my phone to a t.v. screen which projected what was on my phone on the screen. What did I do with access to this top of the line technology? I ran around the building taking selfies that then popped on the screen.  Maybe not what was intended with the technology, but TONS OF FUN!

            All while these events were going on though there was one thought I was trying not to think of.  I schedule for my last semester of classes this Monday, which as many alumni told me, is a very unique feeling but you have to embrace it. So going into this new week, here is to embracing the fact I will be entering my last semester and keep looking forward to library opening for good.

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