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Going, Going, Gone Greek.

So it’s Recruitment/Rush Week this week! For independents that just means watching as all your Greek friends scramble around and stress about whatever Greek people need to do to prepare. They have late nights and early mornings, and become some very tired and stressed people for valid reasons. This week, something that I have noticed on many social media sites (ex: Yik Yak, Twitter) is that many independents are not being too kind to those in Greek life. I would like to address this blog post to them…

To my fellow independents,

You have made a choice not to go Greek, you have decided for whatever reason you’d rather not be in a sorority or fraternity and that is okay in every way! What is not okay is talking crap about those who have decided to do so. We don’t know as independents what goes on inside Greek life, and we may never know if we stay independent. What goes on in these groups is none of our business. Being in a group doesn’t define what type of person they are. There are kind people and rude people wherever you go, some will be independent and some will be Greek. But just because you meet one bad seed somewhere along the way, doesn’t mean they all are. A majority of my friends are in Greek life, and that will never change the way I think about them, because those stigmas placed by random people don’t define them. So dearest independents, support everyone who is deciding to go Greek because those are some of the coolest people you will ever meet.

Carpe Diem,



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