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So Halloween is coming up and everyone’s talking about the Halloween parties, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating(you’re never too old to trick-or-treat). I, on the other hand, had no idea what I was going to do. Most likely, I’d end up in my dorm watching scary movies with my teddy bear(don’t judge me). As much as I would love to dress up, there’s one factor that stands in the way; the college student budget. So I thought, hmmm…. food or a costume I’ll wear once and never wear again? In this case, and probably every case, food wins(food always wins).

BUT THEN the nerds appeared! And by that I mean, they were there and I was there and they told me about something called the Manga Mash. The Manga Mash is a Halloween/dance/cosplay party hosted by the Anime Club. “Sounds awesome!” I declared! “BUT MONEY! And I don’t know who to cosplay as…” *cue sad violins* The nerds continued to stare at me, then each other, then back at me. “She kinda looks like Christine” one nerd stated. Who is Christine?christine

This is Kurisu Makise(AKA Christine) of the anime Steins Gate

It was perfect! Her outfit is so simple I already owned about half of it, I already have red hair, and all other stuff I have either obtained from other people or the local thrift store(hellooo cheap clothing)! And while I’ve had the time, I’ve actually spent my free time watching Steins Gate and, as it turns out, she’s a lot like me personally and physically(besides the fact that she’s a scientist and I can’t science). It was a match made in nerd heaven.

So I’ve got my costume, I’ve got a place to wear the costume, and I also have people to nerd out with! I’m not a loner this Halloween! It’s crazy how it all worked out in the end. There really is always something going on on campus for everyone. Whether you’re a nerd or a partier, rich or broke as a joke, there is always something to do here at Muskingum.

*side note: If you are a current student who is interested in attending the Manga Mash it will be tomorrow at Kelly Coffee House.


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