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Study Time

do-not-disturb-im-studying    If you’re like me, you need somewhere quiet with no distractions to study. Often in busy areas around campus I find myself wondering more about what my neighbor is doing or talking about rather than getting my own work done. And although the TOC (Top of the center) is great, it can be a little busy and distracting. However, I’ve found some really great locations around campus that are perfect for studying. In the basement of Caldwell Hall there is a student lounge. This lounge is my absolute favorite place to do my work because hardly anyone is ever in there. Also random classrooms that aren’t holding class during that hour are also great to get a quick study session in. They are nice and quiet, and again no one is ever in them between class times. I’ve also heard the new library is going to be the ultimate study area once it opens in January. Basically, if you just do a little digging around campus you’ll be able to find that perfect location for you to study.


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