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Muskingum Trick and Treat

In the celebration of Halloween, here is a Muskingum “trick” and a Muskingum “treat” I enjoyed last week!


                You know how some people really like scary movies and haunted houses? Yeah, that is definitely not me!  Why did I venture into our forest area, the hollow, at night knowing scary stuff was in there? To see if my friends would be more scared then me. That night I learned that three fourths, including myself, of my friend group cannot handle scary scenarios. Thank god, we had Claudia there to “protect” us. Would I do it again? HECK NO!  But I am certainly glad I went! The men of Phi Kappa Psi did a great job of making it an amazing, horrifying experience! Chainsaw props and strobe lights are just a few things that made it great. Needless to say I won’t be going into the hollow at night anytime soon.


How much do I love Muskingum University? Enough to get up early ( 8:15 am) on a chilly morning to help with parking  for the admission open house. Although the job is enjoyable being able to say hi to everyone and welcome them but sometimes the cold ruins the fun.  That is unless one of our physical plant workers drives up out of nowhere and offers you hand warmers, then parking is fun! What makes this experience even cooler is that last year my friend you had helped with parking for last year’s open house got a hot chocolate from one of the physical plant workers. Now most people he told the story to just thought that it was his lucky day. Well either that day was my lucky day or that man needs a pay raise!

Hope you all had a great Halloween week   too!

Until Next time,



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