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Just the RA life with Just Dance


Let me tell you a little bit about being the RA on Duty. Basically every other week if you are the RA on duty you have be at the lobby desk from 5 pm to 12 pm on week days and twice a semester on the weekend from 5pm to 2 am for that day. During those hours we have to go around the floors at least three times to make sure everything is going okay and no one is in trouble. Mainly during that swept through the building around 10 pm on the week days and 12 pm weekends we make sure that no one is being too loud. That’s the job. I mean occasionally you get someone who is violating some policy or someone who needs medical attention or most time the poor unfortunate souls that accidently lock themselves out of their rooms. Your first couple times on duty can be kind of stressful. Every turn of the corner is something unknown that you might have to face! After a while though you learn to handle things calmly and pity the people who get locked out. If you are fortunate sometimes you can get some work done.

This Wednesday was a time I got no work done during my duty, but for good reasons! A friend came to visit me which turned into watching the Disney short film collection for about an hour and a half on Netflix, highly recommended! Then there were the many, many vines about cats. The more cat videos we watched the more people would stop to watch them, which made me feel very popular. The best part of the night is when I heard music coming from the other half of lobby and walked over to find people dancing to Just Dance Videos on the TV. Being the responsible RA I am, I asked those around if the noise was distracting them from their work they were doing. When they said no, so I did the next most logical step… I joined in the dancing! Overall RA duties are not that bad!

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