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Theres something about music that’s special, there are certain songs that can make you cry, and ones that make you uncontrollably smile. Something that has always amazed me about music, is that there are just times, where you can relate so much to songs and you feel like they know you somehow. Everyday while walking to class I have headphones in. Although some people may do this to avoid people, my reason is different. Every morning I try to listen to a song that will pick me up, a song that will keep me happy throughout the day. Sometimes it will be a song by my favorite band, and other times it’s a song that is just genuinely funny to me. All the days that I listen to music while walking to class, I’m in a better mood then when I don’t. Music is amazing, you can share songs with friends and family, and sometimes that is like sharing a little bit of happiness or feelings and that can be a really cool deep bond you can share. Sure there are songs out there that don’t really make you feel anything except the need to dance. But there are plenty of songs that can make you feel so many different things.. and that is why music is so cool. Next time you walk to class listen to something that makes you feel good, doesn’t matter what way. I promise it’ll improve your day at least a little bit.

Carpe Diem,



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