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Have It All

While in college take as many different classes that you possibly can. You may find that your true interests are different than what you originally thought they were. I know this has happened to me not only once but twice here at Muskingum. I first came to Muskingum to pursue an English degree only. But then I got to thinking that I want to eventually write and direct my own movies, so I decided to take on a Theater minor. Then I decided that hey Journalism might be a cool major too so I added a Journalism major on top of all of that, but quickly realized that Journalism wasn’t for me, but hey it might be just the right fit for someone else so don’t knock it until you’ve at least taken one class in the department. After a very long discussion with my advisor we decided that a language major such as German would be a really great way to improve my writing and cultural skills. Also with a language major you have to study abroad, just think of all the opportunities you would have doing that. So come next fall I will more than like be a double major with English and German with a minor in Theater. What I am trying to say is that Muskingum offers so many different majors as well as minors that you should take a many classes as you can and figure out what you truly like. Also add a minor or a double major it will give you a one-up on someone who is applying for your same job in the future. It will also make a more rounded student and open up way more job opportunities. So don’t be afraid to try different things while your here and don’t be afraid to take on more than one degree, it might be crazy now but in the end it will be worth it.


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