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Last Week’s “Highlight Reel”

As the semester begins to start its hectic, stressful end with project deadlines and tests turning into last chance attempts to boost your grade, I thought I would reflect on the highlights that got me through the week.

First, the business office trip. The Business Office may not seem like a place you would like to visit, as most of the time they contact you to tell you that you owe money. A trip to the Muskingum Business Office although it is almost always an enjoyable experience. Over the years I have been to there a lot, thankful mainly to check on club budgets and not my own, so when I went to catch up on a club I knew I would probably be there longer than need be. Probably 3 minutes of the conversation was on the club budget, the rest of the conversation was how I needed a haircut! When you come to our business office, you get more than financial advice! They told me I should come back, but I think they just want to make sure I get the haircut!

Second were the helping hands. When every class has projects coming up, sometimes you need help with the little things. Like the Dean of Students making sure you don’t walk into the rain with papers poking out of your back pack. Or the Vice President of Student Affairs making sure your collar is not flipped up. Every little bit helps, especially this close to finals.

Lastly I reached out to one of the Biology Professors through email for advice on a Student Senate recycling program. Rather than just replying to the email with advice, he instead suggested we meet to discuss it more in person. He also reminded me in person that I should stop by his office to talk about the recycling program. After meeting with him, I not only have a lot more great ideas for the program but also a new level of respect for faculty!

Well that was last week’s “highlight reel”. As this next week is even closer to finals and project deadlines, I hope to experience these same experiences this week! Have a great week, folks!

Until next time,

Connor Hann


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