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As finals turn from months away to only weeks away, days tend to blur together so that even a Friday can feel like Monday. There is so much to do when it comes to projects and tests that it doesn’t matter really what day it is, you will have something to do. Long gone are the weekends to relax and not think of schoolwork. Weekends are definitely something that is still something to look forward to but they are more like surprises now. The best surprise though to start off your weekend is seeing someone with the beloved FREE POPCORN  from the library! I’ll admit I get quite a few weird looks when someone sees me get so excited to see popcorn, so here is why I get excited!

I normally forgot it was Friday! After sitting through three long lecture classes and being reminded of all the projects, one can forgot what day it exactly is. We just how many days we have left until a project is due, not the actual day. So when I see free popcorn, I get reminded that although I still have a lot to do, tomorrow I’ll get to sleep in! It is a reminder that it will be okay, the weekend is here!

Free popcorn Fridays also means I don’t have to spend any more money! As the end of the semester keeps getting closer to the end, stress goes up and money goes down. Every chance to be able to save money means a little bit more money to spend on enjoyable things this winter break.

It is free popcorn. The simple fact that I can go to the library and get free popcorn I think is enough to get anyone excited!

So this Friday when I saw the free popcorn, I of course ran excitedly to the library in Cambridge Hall. Once I entered the library, I realized I wasn’t the only one who gets excited about free popcorn Fridays. There was like 7 people waiting on more popcorn being bagged up.  So just remember when it’s Monday it only means 4 days away from FREE POPCORN FRIDAY!!!

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