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The Final Countdown

3 weeks left in the fall semester. That is 15 school days or you can think of it as 360 hours left. In case you did not know that is 21600 minutes! But who really is counting, right? LOTS OF MUSKIES ARE! Granted just coming back from a relaxing Thanksgiving break makes us all eager to go back even though it has only been a day. Most of us though are probably counting all the seconds (that is 1296000 seconds to be exact) we have to start and complete all of the projects and tests for the semester. So here is my final countdown for the rest of the fall semester.

4 projects left in the semester! All my classes have the project presentations and completions in these last three weeks. One physics project on the thermodynamics of a heat engine. Ecology project is summarizing up a very interesting article on how mountain biking affects the breeding success of a beautiful bird called the Golden-cheeked Warbler. Ever wonder where you are most likely to run into a black bear in the states? When I am done with my GIS Map Project, you can find out! Lastly, what can one small group of 5 college kids do to help the local dog shelter? My small group communication class is bound to find out come next Tuesday! Most of these projects are done, but sadly not all of them. Luckily they are not all on the same day. Nothing like finally being done with a project and then jumping right into another one!


4 finals to get through! I am grateful that as a First Year Seminar Mentor I don’t need to take a final for it, but I have final in every other single class. None of them, luckily are comprehensive though, which generally means less things to study. Entering my second to last time taking college finals, I am confident I can manage those 1296000 seconds well to succeed! This year I am actually able to take my finals early because I have a conflict during finals week. I am very grateful to have professors that worked with me to be able to take them because they too I know are aware of the limited time we have left!

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