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The Calm Before the Storm

Ah December. The time of Christmas lights, over-sized sweaters and…wait…what is that? It’s……..THE FINALS BLIZZARD! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!


See, that’s how I’d react if I weren’t a freshman. Don’t get me wrong, finals aren’t fun for anyone, but as first years you’ve got to remember this is only the beginning. If you think that’s scary, I would also like to point out that it is technically only half of the beginning (one semester). But don’t fret young ones for I bring good news as well! If you can make it through your first year, you can make it all four years. Really, no joke. I’ve learned a little something from the upperclassmen and it’s that you can only improve from the start. For example, all year I’ve had to write 3-4 page papers for one class and I hated it. Whenever I had a new paper to write, I did nothing but whine and complain(and write the papers whilst I did so because I like not failing). But I noticed something…. none of my older peers pitied me whatsoever. Why? Because while I had to write a few pages for ONE class, they had four 10 page papers, multiple presentations, tests, and projects from multiple classes. And you know what else? They didn’t complain. They didn’t freak out as I had and they got stuff done. That’s when I realized college is a lot like Pokemon. You start out the weakest of the bunch but, after a few battles and training and learning from your mistakes, you grow stronger. You become the very best…..like no one ever was….(Don’t judge me -_-).

So, moral of the story? Seniors are magical, schoolwork-fighting creatures and if you work hard, get through the first year, and not stress yourself, you too can be said magical creature. And that’s all I’ve got! Peace!


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