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Home for the Holidays

This past Saturday I ushered for the concert called ‘Home for the Holidays’ which is a combination of choirs and wind ensemble. The ‘Home for the Holidays’ concert happens every year around this time but I don’t think I have ever gone to it. The fraternity I am a part of, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, is founded on music so we always usher the concerts with the women music honorary Sigma Alpha Iota. The two groups even put on our own concert each semester.

I am glad that I was able to make it to this concert though and especially as an usher. It was amazing on how many people were performing in this concert! A wind ensemble, and two choirs singing together. One of the choirs is more of community choir from what I understand so there a lot of the members in the choir that weren’t students. There was definitely a lot of diversity in the audience too. People were filing in up until the last minute and from what I heard had some trouble finding open parking spots to park. Little did they know they would have to look for an open spot to sit too! It was great to see so much support for the music program here at Muskingum University. I know a lot of my friends who are musicians for the school, really appreciate the support.

Having attended many other concerts here at MU, I can tell you, you will always enjoy any concert you go to at Muskingum. For example one of the other annual concerts is the Halloween concert, which I had the pleasure of ushering as well. The Halloween concert was just the wind ensemble this time, but there was something also special about it! All of the performers and even the conductor dressed up for the concert! Muskingum University’s music department definitely has a lot of personality.  Hopefully you will come to the next concert, and I might even be the one to give you a program!


Until Next Time,

Connor Hann


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