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Spring into the Semester

Winter break is always an amazing time, although never appears to be long enough or at least that is what almost every student will say. I will have to agree with that but I already feel ready to go this semester with move in this weekend. Here are a few of the reasons why.

All my textbooks are bought. Nothing brings you into the mind of school, then spending money on your textbooks.  Plus buying textbooks requires the critical thinking you might not have had to use all break. How can I get the most books with spending the least amount of money? Sometimes it seems impossible but figuring out how to do it, definitely prepares you for the week ahead.

I have my work schedule figured out.  Many of us have known our class schedules way before the end of the fall semester. Some of us even forget the classes we are taking, but we have that schedule. The Chess center desk shifts and the RA desks /duties are figured out the weekend before classes. After sitting around watching Jessica Jones on Netflix during break without worry of how to fit an episode into a schedule, a busy schedule can be a lot to adjust too. Figuring out my schedule this weekend though is definitely preparing me for the week ahead.

The new library will be opened. Okay, so I didn’t do anything with the library this weekend but I drove past it and I remembered it would be opened. For those that might not know, Muskingum University has had a makeshift library in one of academic buildings for the last few years. This is because they have been renovating the library and from the sneak peeks we saw over last semester I think everyone excited. In fact some more classes have been moved into the building. Unfortunately I will not have a class in the library but I do give an admission tour today so I’ll plenty of reasons to go into it.

Lastly with the new semester comes a blog post every Monday! I hope you enjoyed this one and have a great week!

Until next time,

Connor Hann



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