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Time to use your brrraaaaiiiinnnsss!: A Zombie’s Guide to Seminar

With the new start of the semester comes a fresh wave of students taking their senior seminar and with great capstone projects comes copious amounts of panic. If this is your situation this semester, I feel for you. Fortunately, I’ve been through it and have survived to tell the tale so I’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind as you start told from the perspective of an English major, puns and all:

  1.  Organ(ize). 

Keep a schedule of all of your commitments and responsibilities. However your mind chooses to organize information – be it a planner or just writing things on post-its – this will help.

2. Sleeeeeep (and eat)

It’s normal to lose your appetite and sleep over your capstone project, especially if it is a topic you’re really excited about. Seminar comes with a fair amount of personal sacrifice but your health shouldn’t be one of those things. I can say from personal experience that fainting in front of a group of your friends is not a fun time.

3. Don’t be a zombie to time!

Seminar doesn’t have to be a drag and it doesn’t have to turn you into a caffeinated zombie. Find a time that works for you to devote only to seminar. If your seminar involves writing a huge paper, for example, you’ll know that the writing process is messy and isn’t linear. I did my best research and writing at 3am.

4. Walk(er) away

All work and no play is not good for the body, mentally or physically. If you feel yourself getting frustrated with your progress, take a break and start again fresh. There is no shame in turning to Netflix or just doing some cardio (zombies walk, too) in the gym to relieve stress.




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