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Muskingum Motivation!


What motivates a Muskie? As we all, myself included, try to start the semester and New Year the best way possible, what keeps us going? Therefore, as I try to finish my last semester off well, here are some things that motivate me as a muskie!


Professors and Faculty

In college, sometimes the first day into a semester is affectionately called “syllabus day”, because the day normally consists of going through the expectations of the course through the syllabus. This is never a guarantee though, some professors do not celebrate syllabus day like most of the students. Every professor, however, does motivate students on the first day back, either with deadlines of all their projects or through inspiring words on why this course matters. As this is my last semester, I can truly appreciate now how much that has helped in my career here. Faculty too has motivated students early on! Jess Edge the student involvement coordinator and overall awesome person is meeting with every student senator to talk about his or her plans while discussing how she can help. It is hard to not be motivated after one of her pep talks!

The Hills

Ever had a new year’s resolution to be healthier in the new year? Well, Muskingum University’s hills also have a little bit more extra motivation for you! After getting up to the academic quad for the last three years out of breath, it is time to change that! I have been to the Chess Center every day this week, although sometimes giving a couple tours around the entire campus in one day is workout enough!

After Muskingum

The last three years at Muskingum for me have been all about Muskingum. I definitely was figuring out what was next throughout those years, however there was so much I wanted to do at school too. As I end the last semester I know that I need to be really prepared for the world outside of Muskingum. Career Services here I come, help please!


Until next time,



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