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Game Day!

Hey Muskies! You know what would be the best way to spend this weekend? Party? Psh, no. Netflix? No. You have a problem. This is a Netflix intervention. I care about you and can not stand to see you press continue watching one more time. Solving world hunger? N-well…..yeah okay that would be pretty awesome. But you’re a college student who can’t even solve your own hunger. Priorities. No, what you should do is come to the bottom of the Chess Center this Saturday at 11 am. Why you ask? Because I said so. But also because Game Club is hosting a Game Day where you can play, you guessed it, GAMES! But not just any games. Game Club holds great pride in their ridiculously large supply of your not so run-of-the-mill board and card games. So don’t come by expecting chutes and ladders or monopoly or any of that mainstream nonsense. Also, if you attend you are guaranteed a prize from the raffle prize stash. And if that’s not enticing enough, we will be supplying the ultimate college student weakness…..FREE FOOD! Game Day will be going on all day starting at 11 am and I promise good times are to be had. That’s my news for today, and I hope to see you guys there. I’ll be the one dominating Smash Up. Peace!


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