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There is an Awakening in the Brewed

Okay, so I could not resist in using this pun off of the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens and don’t worry there won’t be any spoilers included here!  Brewed Awakening is a free coffee, cider, and hot chocolate event every Thursday night. Brewed Awakenings may not get the enormous numbers of people going to it like The Force Awakens but comparable to Muskingum student population, a lot of people go to Brewed Awakenings every week. The timing is perfect too! Just after getting through the middle of the week lots of students need a little boost to get through the last of the work due Friday. Plus it is probably the closest we get to a scene from the television show Friends. All the coffee is provided through Student Senate too. There are even student baristas that run the show!!! How could Brewed Awakenings get any better? Each week something new is happening at Brewed Awakenings!

Each week a new student organization signs up to run the event, by planning the music and even sometimes other activities. Did I mention that they decide what the free food is that week too? Free pizza and a cup of hot cider? Sounds like a great Thursday night to me! This past Thursday was hosted by WMCO radio group on campus. They were celebrating their 55th anniversary and they celebrated it the right way! With cake! They also did a raffle for some prizes, had relaxing crafts to make and some awesome music playing. WMCO members even approach some people asking them if they would be interested in joining their group. The week before a sorority called Alpha Sigma Alpha supplied some great foods and some information about stopping human trafficking. Totally different event but both great. So even though this week will be different, when it comes Thursday you can always count on there being an Awakening in the Brewed

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