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I’m taking Dr. Kaluhiokalani’s Zombies in Literature class and this week we have shifted our focus to The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye. So in other words, I’m reading a comic book for class. I have to say my reading list this semester is pretty sweet, and I’ve enjoyed this comic so much, I ordered the next three volumes through OhioLink. Now, why am I making such a huge deal out of this? It’s just a comic book, right? Wrong. It’s a fascinating way to study zombies from an academic perspective and then still revel in the fact that zombies – much like sparkling vampires (ugh) – have become part of our culture and that as a student, you get to talk about zombies for an entire semester.

In this class, Dr. Kaluhiokalani has started us out from an academic perspective: the history of zombies, how they became prevalent in our culture, and other academic aspects. The really cool thing about taking a class like this? You also get to watch zombie films and television shows and then talk about it in class. This class takes place at 2 in the afternoon and is my last class of the day. It really helps that Dr. Kaluhiokalani is full of energy to keep his students engaged in the subject matter, although, given the fact that we’re talking about zombies, it’s not hard to look forward to going to his class.

If you ever have the chance to take it, no matter your major, I recommend it. You will certainly never be bored.







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