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Muskie Gras

Student Senate was at again this Saturday putting on a great event called Muskie Gras. Muskie Gras, a very clever pun on Mardi Gras, was an involvement carnival idea for organizations to put on their own unique activity with a budget of a 100 dollars. Being a part of the committee for the event, I was a little nervous about the event. Would people come? Would 100 dollars be enough to put on a fun activity? Fortunately the answer to both of those questions was an astounding YES! Lots of students came and all the organizations brought their creativity to their activity! Rotaract and American Chemical society worked together to embrace the carnival activity with an activity where you could win fish! Unfortunately, muskie fish would be a little too big but lots of student muskies took home goldfish! Outdoor Initiative, a brand new outdoor adventure club, was giving away delicious trail mix along with information on their next events. MAS BSU, the multicultural/ black student union, had a racing course for remote controlled cars. Unfortunately I lost every race I had, but they still gave me a free shirt! EA, the equal rights club, was giving away candy for answering trivia on the LGBTQA+ community. Sigma Alpha Iota the women music honorary held a “name that song” competition at their table among many other awesome groups with their activities! Walking into the event definitely was a little bit overwhelming at first too, but it turned out to be a great way to spend a Saturday evening! Many people I talked to left with one question on their mind: Is this going to happen every spring semester? Looks like I will have to check back in next spring to hopefully see the tradition continue!

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