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The Unconventional To-Do List

“I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.” – Natalie Portman

I realize that studying is an essential part of college survival and I do it anyway, but it’s not without hours of horrible procrastination (hey, we all do it). Recently, I’ve come to realize that to-do lists and every other tool that involves organization is a necessary part of my life. Essentially what I’m saying is, stay organized, kids. You’ll go places. But that doesn’t mean that creating a to-do list has to be orderly or even traditional. Being the wonderfully sassy and sarcastic person that I am, I created my own to-do list and it proved to be highly effective for me this past weekend.

For my to-do list, I have three columns: Most Irritating, Irritating, and Least Irritating. Since I’ve learned that the whole point of having homework and studying is to reinforce what you learned in class, I decided that this was the most effective way for me to get anything done. I highly recommend you try it out. For example, I put any paper that I have to write in my “Most Irritating” column. In my “Irritating” column, I put things like, “Clean my room, make my bed,” and in my “Least Irritating” column, I put things like “Read for Poetry, Zombies in Literature, and Sci Fi”. It sounds strange, but I believe it had a reverse psychology effect on me: Because I created my to-do list this way, I accomplished everything I needed to do in a single weekend. My paper that isn’t due until Friday is already completed in its entirety, which means more time for Netflix!

Whatever works for you, make sure you try making a to-do list of some kind to stay on track. It really helps!




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