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Exams and Essays and Projects OH MY!

It’s about that time again. The time when all of our professors seem to synchronize their exam schedules and throw in some extra fun bits like presentations and papers. It’s like one minute you’re cool and the seas are calm then BAM! The workload hurricane of the semester! But DO NOT PANIC! I’m here to help!….okay maybe panic a little.

So you’ve got two or three exams coming up, a presentation, a paper….OH and that weird, foreign thing called a life! Where do you start? Where do you find the time? Who took the last juice box?! (Answer is me….I CAN’T RESIST)

But fo real shut up and listen:

  1. Make a schedule. Doesn’t have to be a physical schedule because lord knows some of us just can’t do that to save our lives. Right now just think of your entire week’s schedule, including clubs and stuff. Got it? Good. Now think about all of the free time you have beside all that stuff. Take that time and split it among all the things you have to get done. I’d say at least a few hours per thing so you actually make some progress(You know you spend that first hour distracting yourself with puppies in sweaters DON’T LIE).
  2. Make sure you also add in some breaks periodically throughout your study/work time because after like an hour or so your brain is gonna be mush and unable to take anything you’re reading in. You are now allowed to look at puppies in sweaters.
  3. If there still isn’t enough time in your week then you might have to sacrifice something. Maybe there’s a club or extracurricular activity you can skip for one week. I know it sucks but you have to remember that it’s only temporary and I’m sure your club pals will understand the importance of needing to get work done.
  4. Don’t overwork yourself! I cannot stress this enough. To put it into simple terms, here’s a little formula: Too much work = stress = brain slowing down = NOTHING GETS DONE AND SADNESS. I know you need to make that deadline and you really need to do well on that exam but it’s not worth the negative effects of a mental breakdown. If you feel like it’s becoming too much then IMMEDIATELY stop and do something to destress……like puppies in sweaters.
  5. Finally, there’s no shame in asking for a little help. If there’s something you’re not quite getting, ask a professor! Or get help from another classmate. Plan a study group. You’ll not only get some extra support but also speed up your progress a little.

There, now you can go forth and look at pupp- I MEAN DO GOOD IN SCHOOL AND BE A RESPONSIBLE STUDENT! Good luck soldiers. Peace!


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