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            Not my most creative title for a blog post, but words cannot describe how much awesome the new Roberta A. Smith library is! Muskingum University was without a library building for about 2 years, due to renovations.  My underclassmen friends are probably sick of my joke of being an “old timer”, but the old library was here for my whole first year here. However, like most freshmen, I did not really spend much time in there. I can remember one time studying with my friend late at night, and a club meeting for a club that does not exist anymore. In fact, my first semester as a tour guide I remember I would only briefly go in the library to show prospective students that our library was” like any other library”. I, a naïve freshman at the time, thought that libraries were not important! Therefore, I did not really miss the library when it was gone.

With closing out my last semester with the new library, I can honestly say I will miss this one when I have graduated. I am even writing this blog on one of the 80+ computers they have here now. A lot is different here than the new computers too. If you don’t fall in love with the color magenta freshmen year, it definitely grows on over the next four years. Which is why I was super happy to see almost all magenta colored furniture here! The really crazy thing about the furniture is that it has built in plugs for you charge all your technology too! Now, that is how you upgrade furniture! The other thing that amazed me is the steps down into the basement and normally I get a lot of weird looks when I say that. I have a picture attached of said steps, so maybe it will make more sense of why I love them! I believe they are called study steps, but I call them no judgement steps. I mean if you are tired you can just take a set hallway up! Plus the led down to a pretty awesome “quiet area” basement. Frankly, words cannot describe how awesome this new library is, so you will just have to come check it out yourself!


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