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The Ever Looming Real World

Graduation is creeping upon us. Suddenly we have eighty something days (I haven’t checked the countdown today. My roommate keeps track of that.) before we’re in the real world. In other words, in just a few months, adulting will become a real, every day thing and I know I’m worried. But I suppose the reason I’m afraid, as I suspect many graduating seniors are, is because I have no idea what my life is going to be like. And I think the reason is because the world is my oyster and I’m essentially looking at a blank slate.

There’s this common myth that graduating seniors are supposed to have it all together. We’re supposed to have it all figured out: where we’re gonna go, what we’re gonna do, what Master’s program we’re gonna get into, etc. Ugh. Let me stop you right there, homeskillet. See, the problem with this myth is that a lot of us actually have no idea what we want to do with our degrees. Fortunately, there’s this thing called self-exploration. We take off a year or two, find jobs in our fields, and maybe eventually apply to a graduate school or whatever strikes your fancy. Whatever it is you wanna do, just remember that you have options.

I mean, come on, man! You’re gonna have a degree. That definitely means something. You didn’t toil and sweat for four (or five, if you’re me) years just to go to a job that has nothing to do with your degree. Start looking now. You might just find something in your field if you type in say for example, “English degree jobs”. Also, when planning out your life, no matter how crazy it is, it’s important to be specific about what you want.





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