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Four Donuts

After he left I ate four donuts. FOUR DONUTS. I am not an overly large individual, I am not an excessively huge eater, perhaps a little bit picky, but beyond that I don’t eat four donuts in one sitting. I can barely get through one. So, I repeat, I ate four donuts. Donut One, for all the normal stress in my life, the exam and presentation that were due on the same day today, homework, waking up, the world being its usual backwards self. Donut two, for all the time I spend in rooms where there are loud people who annoy me, the other people there, and probably themselves to be honest just so that I can catch a glimpse of his face. Just so that when he walks in and hugs me from behind I have that little glimmer of shock that someone did that and then that warm illumination of comfort knowing that it was him. Donut three, because donuts just taste SO DANG GOOD, OH MY GOD IS THAT GOOD. Donut Four, for hope. The world isn’t great right now, my financial situation could be better, my friends could be more considerate, my boyfriend could stop stealing my food, and my head keeps hurting, but when the world gets you down, and all you can do is scream, sometimes you just have to eat four donuts in a row, lay back, watch some netflix, and hope to the big Donut in the sky that everything will turn out alright. Peace.


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