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Muskie Maturing

Appreciating a fine piece artwork has be a sign of maturity right?  I certainly hope so because I graduate in around 80 days from now! When people look at my doodles my common explanation of how terrible it looks is “I’m a scientist, not an artist darn it!” Now that I am taking graphic design this semester, I see that at least I can try to be an artist. I think that is one of the great things about Muskingum University being a liberal arts school. I am a scientist but have an experience of briefly being a theologian, actor, historian, chorus member and even artist now with all my general education classes. You do not even know that is really happening either, you just become those things along the way, which brings me to staring at this wonderful piece of artwork.

Words cannot describe it fully so I have attached it to this post, but in the simplest of ways, you could describe it as a painting of the Muskingum University campus as it was in the year 2000.  It was beautifully painted by one of our current art professors, but frankly, it is somewhat outdated. Compared to that painting there are about five new buildings on campus since it was painted. In my newfound maturity, that painting symbolizes myself at Muskingum University. I came in 2012 as a freshman not sure of who I was or what I wanted to do. I had never done anything club wise in high school and I was never the greatest student. Graduating in around 80 days, I will have made Dean’s list every semester and been a part of roughly 10 different types of clubs. I have started a student ran recycling program through Student Senate and become a Resident Assistant. I am definitely not the same person as I was 4 years ago, just as campus as grown in the last 16 years. Muskingum as really laid down a great foundation for me to grow in the future too when I graduate. If I ever needed proof of that, I was flipping through an old yearbook and found a student photo of Jack Hanna who is an inspiration to those in the Zoo and Aquarium world. Great things have happened to me at Muskingum and great things are to come.


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