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The Art of Terrible Puns

You’ll have to forgive this blog post.I tried “Breaking the Habit” but there are song puns. Song puns everywhere.

“All Around Me” I’ve felt there “Ain’t No Sunshine”. It’s rude, distressing, and I don’t appreciate it. Yes, you bright, enlightened individuals. I am talking about the “Phenomena” of mid semester slump. Side effects include: excessive drowsiness, apathy, and an overwhelming urge to Netflix all day long. If you’re beginning to feel the “Pressure”, just remember you have one less “Problem” (or maybe “99 Problems”) because the “Temperature” is beginning to climb and it’s only February.

Welcome to Ohio: where the temperature is made up and seasons don’t matter.

So if you’re one of those people who are beginning to feel the effects of mid semester slump and you feel like you’ve got an “Elastic Heart”, I urge you to remember that you’re “Titanium” and your journey is still “Uncharted”.

It’s okay to be caught in an “Uptown Funk” or even in a “Bad Romance” with your sleep and study habits. You could be in a stage where you wanna dance like “Uma Thurman”. It’s fine. It’s normal. “Mama Said” there’d be days like this and “Some Nights” you just gotta get through it however you can. Whatever you do, you’ve got to “Break On Through (To the Other Side)” and say “Hello” to Spring Break.

My advice? “Put Your Records On” and “Hold On”. Don’t be “[Your] Own Worst Enemy”. You’ll “Be OK”.







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