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A Look into the Past

Since I worked my last Scholarship Day a couple of weeks ago, the nostalgia train has hit me hard this week. I am sure most of you saw my nostalgia blog where I compare my experience here to a painting of campus painted in the year 2000.  Even after that, I still feel the need to appreciate Muskingum University as much as I can before I leave. So somehow my feet took me to the alumni office here. Before I knew it I was talking to the Director of Alumni Relations, and Muskie alum, Jen Bronner about Jack Hanna and his experience here at Muskingum University. Soon it turn into conversations about all Muskingum past.  Muskingum University has been around for about 179 years. That is a lot of alumni and history! That’s when reality came crashing down. One day in the future, Muskingum may led another student to the alumni office trying to come to terms of graduating soon. With free time on my hands and talking Jen probably halfway through her lunch hour, I decided to look in the past yearbooks.

After a few times flipping through and seeing professors I have now, but years ago when they started here. Some professors had beards that do not now, and some have huge beards that they didn’t have back then. Some have been here a few years and some for a really long time. Then I realized it wasn’t just professors that I was seeing. I was seeing people like Jen Bronner, Admission Counselors, and Student life in these yearbooks when they were students. Lots of alumni come back here professionally. As I job search for after I graduate, it’s a comforting thought of a couple of years maybe finding my way back to Muskingum University. Maybe one day when another student looks through these yearbooks, he will see me and be shocked that I was a student here. When I graduate in about 70 days, I guess I will take a little bit of Muskingum history with me too.

Until Next time,

Connor Hann


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