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I Wear Letters Because…


As we in our respective Greek organizations go through induction, the concept of wearing Greek letters on a shirt might be strange to the students who are “Gosh Darn” Independents. I wear my letters when I go out to dinner, to the grocery store, or even just at home and I get a lot of stares from people who don’t understand what Greek life does for a college campus, especially one as small as Muskingum. In a society that believes Greek life does more harm than good for college students, I write this post in the hope that prospective students and independents change their perspective of Greek life.

So, the big question. Why do I wear letters? Well, I’ve been a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha for about a year now and the reason I wear letters is simple: because I love my sorority and what we stand for. I wear letters because I like being involved and engaged in my tiny campus community. The creed to my sorority is taped on the inside of my closet and each morning when I go to pick out my clothes for the day, I read it to remind myself why I’m in college. That reason is to strive to be a better person today than I was yesterday.

In good times and bad, I know I have a support system. My sisters are there to laugh and cry when I need someone to talk to or just to be around when I feel lonely. The reason I wear letters is because the sense of camaraderie and compassion I feel from my sisters makes me proud to represent my sorority.

Why do you wear letters?




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