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Spring Break Guide(college edition)

It’s almost here. The week you’ve all been waiting for. Spring Break is only 1 day away and everyone, myself included, is ready to scram. One whole week of no classes and no sleep schedules. I would say no work but for some that’s probably not true. I can confirm this because I have one paper to work on as well as several things to read while I’m away at Florida. But don’t deny it, you’re totally going to wait till the last day to do all of this(I’m totally not….shut up). Anyway, while I’m sure you’re all gearing up to travel and party or just sleep in and Netflix(yes Netflix is now a verb) just be sure to follow these simple, safe guidelines in the meanwhile:

  1. Drink responsibly. I can’t lie, there will be students drinking. You’re all responsible, 21-and-over adults and it is within your rights to partake in an alcoholic beverage or two. But don’t be stupid about it. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t take a drink from anyone. Don’t leave your drink unattended. Finally, DO NOT drink too much. I find that today alcohol poisoning is very underrated and not talked about enough but it is very real and very dangerous. So please be conscious of what and how much you are drinking.
  2. Spring break does not give you an excuse to avoid all your responsibilities. I know it’s really tempting, but like I said, you’re adults now and that means more responsibilities that don’t take breaks. So if you have a paper to do, do it. If you have homework to do, do your homework. If you have other obligations that you need to take care of, take care of those obligations. Have fun but don’t give future you several hundred things to be stressed about after break.
  3. Spend wisely. I’m mostly speaking toward people, like myself, who are planning on either traveling somewhere or just shopping maybe. Though it may be tempting to blow it all on some souvenirs or really cool boots at Hot Topic, you’re still gonna need money when you get back. Unfortunately, being an adult also comes with bills and having to pay for your own food. So only buy what you need and if you have some reserved spending money then go ahead. Just don’t break the bank.

That’s pretty much it. So go forth young adventurous ones! Go forth and-no…no not that way. Th-that way-yes. Okay. GO FORTH! BE FREE! PEACE!


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